Sunflower Mini Sessions July 9th!

Expires: July 13, 2019
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These sessions will be 20 minutes long, $160, include 10 digital images of your choice, and will be held on July 9th.  Location will be sent out the day before. Right now, the field I am planning to use is in Eatonton. This could change due to weather and when flowers will bloom.  Q&A1. Why do I have to pay $20 now?The $20 is your NONrefunable deposit. This lets me know you are serious about coming and holds your spot! If you NEED to reschedule, reregister and pay another deposit. 2. Why do I have to pay another deposit for just switching times/day? Unfortunately, I have to do this because sometimes people can only come at certain times. Whenever they went to book, the only time they possibly could have came is the time you had reserved. In the past I have lost clients and money because switching people around. 2. How much is due at the session? A total of $130 cash will be due the day of your session.3. How long will it take for me to get my images back? 7-18 days 4. Can I get more than 10 images? Of course! I will put up all the edited images I keep and you can get as many as you want. I will give you a code to get 10 for free and if you wish to purchase more you may.

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